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Archive for May 2016

6 Simple ideas for better home showings

Once you’ve decided to list your home it’s time to make sure buyers love it as much as you did. That said, leaving a home in an overly loved and lived-in condition could detract from its best features—rather than enhance them. Most importantly, buyers need a home to be as much as a “blank slate”…

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5 helpful home inspection reminders

Don’t overlook your home inspection. This step of the home buying process is critical to a successful transaction. An important part of the negotiation between a homeowner, who is typically vested in selling a home quickly for the best price, and a buyer, who needs to ensure the home they’re purchasing is well-kept and is…

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Meet your friendly Wasatch Front communities

With the real estate market continuing to stay hot, more people are considering a move in the near future. Like other growing communities, the Salt Lake City area and towns along the Wasatch Front are welcoming new companies, families and young professionals looking for a dramatic change of scenery, healthy work-life balance and friendly, sustainable…

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