New Owner Information Sheet

  • Owner Information

  • Name * Required
  • Name
  • A number that you can receive phone calls and text message updates on your property
  • Your Mailing Address * Required
    The address that you would like mail to come to you. This should NOT be the property address that we will be managing on your behalf.
  • Do You Have A Rental Property Business License? * Required
    Each municipality in Utah requires a specific business license for operating rental property. If you already have one, please send it over and we will renew it on your behalf. If not, we will register for you as it is required in most municipalities.
  • Property Information

  • Managed Property Address * Required
    Address for the property you would like Rize Property Management to manage on your behalf
  • Drop files here or
  • Example: Vacant, Occupied, Ready to Rent, Tenant Moving Out, Vacant Soon, etc
  • Do you want to accept pets? * Required
    We recommend doing so as it opens up the applicant pool to more qualified applicants and reduces vacancy. Please reach out if you would like to discuss details and potential income from pet fees.
  • Is the property part of an HOA? * Required
    If so, please provide contact information, what maintenance the HOA is responsible for, and any requirements they may have for tenants.
  • Drop files here or
  • Are all fixtures in the home functional? For example: lights, switches, ceiling fans, appliances, fireplaces, furnace, ac, etc. If no, provide details. * Required
  • Does the Property have a Functioning Sprinkler System? * Required
  • What Type of Cooling System Does the Property Have? * Required
  • What Type of Heat Does the Property Have? * Required
  • What Appliances are Included in This Property? * Required
  • Will Any Furniture or Items Be Left in the Property, Storage Area, Garage, or Yard? * Required
  • Are There Any Known Recurring Maintenance Issues at the Property? * Required
  • Utilities Information

    Rize Property Management handles all utility payments and billing on your behalf. To provide seamless service, we put electricity and gas in our company name. We then pay all bills and charge tenants the full amount due.

    • Water, sewer, and trash remain in your name.

    • We will contact your water, sewer, and garbage provider and request Rize be listed as property manager with authority to service your account and change the mailing address to ours.

    • If the property is part of an HOA, please provide contact info and we will pay this bill on your behalf as well.

    • If you have any auto-pay setup for utility payments, you will need to cancel.
  • Property Insurance

    Please have your insurance carrier email us a certificate of liability insurance with Rize Property Management listed as additionally insured.

    This means that we will be notified with any change to the policy and it is a standard practice for insurance agents.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

New Owner Information Sheet